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How to live on the eve of the "end" of the world?

 How to live on the eve of the " end" of the world?

How to live on the eve of the "end" of the world?

The new year 2012.
What will delight us with you this year?
What is remarkable happens in the world and human lives?
I hope all readers interested in obtaining answers to such questions.
Do we expect the end of the world this year?
I think attention should focus on more important things.

1) From a spiritual point of view, the most important thing in the first place this year for the followers of Christianity to remain in the faith, and for those who are looking for people interested in God and Christianity seriously, it's important to believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him in all things, not trying to become a theologian, the higher level and then come to faith slowly.
Time is short and you can not do on the sly salvation of the soul!

2) The second important in my view vital aspect of this family and friends.
It is important to take care of them and be with them in touch, be near to help and support.
Call family, meet with them, make a cake and invite them to themselves, actively ask them about how they are doing and if you can help them free of charge.

3) The third paragraph in my message for this year, it is people, their soul and their needs.
A very important task to pay attention to people around him notice of their needs and where possible to fill the needs of what you can.
People need many things. Of course all the needs of the people make up impossible.
Help can provide basic necessities, if people ask you if you can see for yourself that there is a need in people.
Matters of the soul .... this is also a need and people are looking for ways to compensate for the lack of communication, recognition, enjoyment, psychological counseling, spiritual assistance, and so on.
Call friends, family, friends, colleagues, fellow soldiers, classmates and keep in touch.
Communicating figure out how people live and what have need, the urgent need for food, medicine, money, travel, clothes for children, as well as other needs.
Help, help, and once again help someone.

4) This is the year when we must be bold and dream bigger than ever before.
It is on the issues career, education, home construction, to make peace with people who do not have a good relationship a long time, protect their rights by all righteous means and ways, have children or adopt, stop being afraid, go out and start living.

5) The plan this year to register all the dreams, ideas, plans and desires on paper.
Be sure to bring your own plans for prayer before God's face and ask the Almighty to bless all the cases.
On the plans and desires that you are correct and important God would give his blessing and will help you.
And what you are "too far" will be calm in those cases and the force of God will not force them to perform and help.

6) Let's calm this year.
Do not be alarmed end of the world and not try to scare other people.
If God lives in your heart, be calm. Entrust your life to God and live more peacefully. 

7) More joy.
All that you cheer, support, comfort, teach, you will smile and good mood, let it all in your life.
All that destroys you, and not edify, and depression causes you not to let into your life.

If you can not cope with the difficulties in life, you have nothing to eat, no clothes, shoes, no money or there are other seemingly insurmountable difficulties, do not be silent, do not keep these problems in themselves.
Call or write to those whom you trust and tell us about the problem, ask for help, write to the social networking friends, family about how you live.

Seek support for charitable organizations, churches, at work, tell colleagues about your needs and not be silent, speak, and get help.

As it is written in holy scripture, that if you're looking for will find, knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and you will be given!

Plan this year to help someone else who is in need of attention or financially.
Be active and live happily in this year, and all the remaining years of your life!

Yours faithfully.
Armen Galstyan
January 18, 2012. Odessa.

How to live........

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